At Tan Chia Min & Partners, we strive to be a boutique legal firm with a global perspective and one that offers customised, practical and high quality legal solutions. To achieve this objective, we focus on three key management principles which form the bedrock of our approach.

Quality of Services

We believe in recruiting, developing and retaining the best legal professionals in the market to maintain the high standard of legal services. We also engage lawyers with a keen interest in business issues whose sound understanding of the climate in which businesses operate would be advantageous to our clients.

Business Efficiency

We endeavour to achieve a high degree of business efficiency by maintaining a productive business operation that is capable of continuously generating good quality services for our clients.

Professional Integrity

We strive to observe a high standard of professionalism, integrity and ethics that is expected of the legal profession. We believe that by doing so, we will create superior value for our various stakeholders comprising our clients, employees and the society within which we operate.